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About Helena

Helena Morland artist

Helena Morland was born 1972 in Umeå, Sweden, studied in Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts 2000-2003 and Umeå Art University 2003- 2006 where she graduated as Master of Fine Art. Helena Morlands artistry characterizes of a multitude that is unique on the Fine Art scene. Helena’s artistic production comprises a wide range of various disciplines as painting, poetry, sculpture, jewellery design, installation, mechanic art, light and sound. With unmistakable craftsmanship she works with various materials as for example silver, bronze, aluminium, steel, cement, plastic and glass.

The Icelandic landscape with its distinctive geological structure has a prominent influence on her most recent art. Her move to Iceland led to a revolutionary progress in her approach to painting. Instead of using various techniques separatly, like making a sculpture or painting, she creates her art in a melting pot of knowledge, fusing both practices together so they are now both sculpture and painting. In her art work you can not only find the illusory deep perspective, but also a real level of deepness, through her use of a unique deep relief technique in aluminium. This approach has untied the problematic idea of the flat surface that should give an impression of the shape beneath. Helena states that this method fits her concept of the Icelandic landscape perfectly.

Finally Helena affirms that she not only feels at home in Iceland, but has also found home in her art.